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We have been active in the field of property management for about 35 years. We rent houses to companies and private individuals in the neighbourhoods of Amsterdam-Zuid and Buitenveldert, as well as in Amstelveen.

Our tenants are almost always companies with an international focus. They select us for the expats they employ.

We offer a choice of apartments and houses. The selection is diverse and of premium quality. The properties are usually fully furnished, but unfurnished is also an option. All properties have excellent locations.

Originally, we owned all properties. But a few years ago we started to offer properties owned by third parties as well. They must always meet the same very strict quality standards as our own properties do.


There are private individuals who want in invest in ‘expat properties’. We can offer our help in identifying suitable properties. We are pleased to share our many years of experience with regards to any renovations or interior decorating. The house, once it is finished, will not remain vacant for long.


Our expertise enables us to manage the properties of others as well. Property maintenance is in the hands of our sister company Ages Bouw. The provision of practical services is in the capable hands of Ages Expat Services.

Ages & Straatsma Property Management is the only company to offer rental leases, property management, as well as practical services to expats. That is why companies prefer working with us.

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What is your main interest?


Unfortunately we do not have any rental properties available at this time. Please let us know about your query.


Around 200.000 expats are living in the Netherlands and this figure is on the rise. Over half of them live in Amstelveen and Amsterdam Zuid. Expats are usually highly educated. Their time of residence is usually limited to a few years. Ages & Straatsma has been renting out (free sector) accommodations to expats for years; or rather, to their employers. This gives an increased level of security; if only because you will have your property at your disposal again at the end of the lease. Ages & Straatsma manages all the financial and technical details. This way, your property will be properly maintained and you will receive a more than attractive rent each month.

Ages & Straatsma is familiar with every aspect of the expat world. This know-how guarantees both premium services as well as a high return on investment for the owner. Usually, the signing of the lease means the end of the provision of services. It is where ours begins. We offer 24/7 service to our tenants. Ages Expat Services takes care of this.

The premium quality of the properties we offer ensures that they (your properties!) are rarely vacant for more than a few days.


Investing in a property that is rented out to expats can be very profitable. The number of free sector properties is limited, particularly in the Randstad and particularly in Amsterdam-Zuid and Amstelveen. At the same time, the influx of highly educated foreign employees is growing. With it, the demand for temporary premium quality housing is also rising. In the past 2 to 3 years, many private individuals invested in property to benefit from the Expat rental market. In practice, this is usually not as easy as it seems.

Why are rental properties sometimes vacant for months?
The amount of expat properties on offer in the region of Amsterdam is substantial. There are around 750 properties available in the price range between € 1.750,- up to € 3.000,-. Some of those are vacant for a long time. What is wrong with these properties?

The location
It is wonderful to visit the centre of Amsterdam. But expats are not happy to live there at all. An expat makes a selection of options based on practical considerations. Safety, accessibility parking, facilities, public transport, and status are all important conditions. People who invest in a suitable property can benefit from the many years of experience of those who have worked with expats. And in particular from those who were once an expat themselves.

The interior – The decoration – The facilities
Many investors make the mistake that they do not research the needs of expats. Many property owners have never been to the expats’ countries of origin. This makes it extremely difficult to create an attractive house for them. In short, the determining factor is not one’s own taste. And a tight budget is not an option. Expats are used to high standards. And they are often consulted by professional Relocation Agencies.

A comprehensive interior
Many properties lack essential details. You cannot expect someone who only intends to stay for 2 to 3 years to choose a house that does not have everything they need. Furthermore, the quality must be at the same level as a hotel. The quality of the available appliances is of essential importance to expats. So it is important to stay up-to-date on innovations. Expats also have a strong dislike of bad quality in bedding and linen. Mattresses, pillows, sheets, towels, etcetera. Hotel quality is what is expected.

Conclusion: Expat – marketing!
The rental price of a property that is suitable for expats is far higher than the average free sector property in the region of Amsterdam. Those who wish to invest in such a property, and aim to exploit it successfully for the long term, must know the target group through and through. And invest in quality.

Ages & Straatsma. Expat Experts.
(35 years of experience)

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